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a an  av es  [Alan Davies]

A Geology   [Clark Coolidge]

ABC  [Ron Slliman]

Abomunist Manifesto  [Bob Kaufman]

a.k.a.  [Bob Perelman]

Absence Sensorium  [Tom Mandel and Daniel Davdison]

Acappella  [Bruce Andrews]

ad infinitum  [Michael Klauke]

adv. fans - the 1968 series   [Tina Darragh]

Aevum   [David Brazil]

Agreement   [Peter Seaton]

from Air   [Clark Coolidge]

All Saints   [Craig Dworkin]

Alogon  [Michael Palmer]

American Ones: Noise and Presentiments   [Clark Coolidge]

AM/TRAK  [Amiri Baraka]

Archipelago  [Kenneth Irby]

Arkansas   [Fred Moten]

Artificial Memory: Volume I  [Abigail Child]

Artificial Memory: Volume II  [Abigail Child]

Asylums  [Charles Bernstein]

Aram Saroyan   [Aram Saroyan]

Attention: Seven Narratives   [Robert Grenier]

The Aura & The Umbra  [Lloyd Addison]

Bazaar of the Bizarre   [Christian Bök]

THE BEATLES   [Aram Saroyan]

Beau-Cocoa   [Lloyd Addison, Editor]

Beyond the Edge  [T. R. Uthco]

Big Allis   [Jessica Grim and Melanie Neilson, Editors]

Big Sky Number Three (Clark Coolidge issue)  [Bill Berkson, Editor]

Black Case: Volume I & II: Return from Exile  [Joseph Jarman]

A Black Manifesto in Jazz Poetry and Prose  [Ted Joans]

Blanket  [Andrew Schelling]

Bond Sonnets   [Clark Coolidge]

Bone's Fire  [Barry Eisenberg]

Braille  [Bob Perelman]

Burns' Night Heard  [Robert Grenier]

The Busses  [Steve Benson]

Cat Alley  [Dick Higgins]

Cede   [Michael Cross]

Central Europe  [Tom Mandel]

Ceremony Latin (1964)   [Bernadette Mayer]

Change of State  [David Lloyd]

City   [C. J. Martin]

Civil Noir   [Melanie Neilson]

Clairvoyant Journal   [Hannah Weiner]

Clark Coolidge   [Clark Coolidge]

Climate/ Plus  [Abigail Child]

coffee coffee   [Aram Saroyan]

Complete Thought  [Barrett Watten]

Concerning Spheres  [Maggie O'Sullivan]

c o n t i n u u m  [Stephen Ratcliffe]

© 1968 by Aram Saroyan   [Aram Saroyan]

Corona  [Bruce Andrews]

CounterClock  [Abigail Child]

Coupures  [David Lloyd]

Crisis Intervention  [Peter Seaton]

A Crystal for Bob Kaufman  [Ira Cohen]

The Crystal Text   [Clark Coolidge]

Cupid and Psyche  [Bob Perelman]

from Daylight on the Wires   [Eli Drabman]

Daylight on the Wires   [Eli Drabman]

The Difficulties  [Tom Beckett, Editor]

The Dilemma of Being High and Dry   [Helmut Heißenbüttel (trans. Rosmarie Waldrop]

Disaster Suite   [Rob Halpern]

Distant the Sound   [Russell Atkins]

Divisions of Labour  [Maggie O'Sullivan]

Doctor Williams' Heiresses  [Alice Notley]

Does the Secret Mind Whisper?  [Bob Kaufman]

Dracula   [Lorenzo Thomas]

Drive Suite   [Harold Carrington]

Dust of Silence   [Oliver Pitcher]

The Dwelling Place: 9 Poets  [Ron Silliman, Editor]

Earthworks  [Tyrus Miller]

Eclogs   [David Melnick]

Edge  [Bruce Andrews]

Edwin's Sonnets  [Edwin S. Williams]

EECCHHOOEESS  [N. H. Pritchard]

El Egg   [Gregg Biglieri]

Electric Poems   [Aram Saroyan]

11 Romantic Positions  [Bob Perelman]

EncY  [Tom Mandel]

Erased Motion Poems  [Nick Thurston]

Erat  [Tom Mandel]

Eruditio ex Memoria   [Bernadette Mayer]

eXcLa  [Maggie O'Sullivan]

Exclosures 1 - 8   [Emily Abendroth]

Extensions   [Suzanne Zavrian and Joachim Neugroschel, Editors]

Extremities   [Rae Armantrout]

Fade to Prompt  [John Mason]

The Fast   [Hannah Weiner]

Film Noir  [Bruce Andrews]

Five Essays   [Robert Grenier]

Flat and Round  [Larry Eigner]

For Erato  [Fanny Howe]

For You/For Sure  [David Wilk]

Foreshortenings and Other Stories  [Richard Kostelanetz]

Four Lectures  [Stephen Rodefer]

FRICTION Number Seven  [Randy Roark, Editor]

From Solids  [Abigail Child]

From the Handbook of That & Furriery  [Maggie O'Sullivan]

Gertrude Stein: Poems   [Aram Saroyan]

Gesualdo  [Lyn Hejinian]

The Gospel of Celine Arnauld  [Clayton Eshleman]

Gramsci x 3   [Wilfred Watson]

The Grefsen Address  [Paal Bjelke Andersen]

The Guard  [Lyn Hejinian]

Gulf   [Brian Kim Stefans]

Here In The   [Russell Atkins]

Heretofore   [Russell Atkins]

Hills   [Bob Perelman, Editor]

Un Hommage à Thomas Pynchon's Rainbow  [Peter Bamfield]

HUMAN / NATURE  [Stephen Ratcliffe]

A Hundred Posters  [Alan Davies, Editor]

Ideoform  [Paul Forte]

I AM ROSE   [Aram Saroyan]

I Begin with Counting   [Wilfred Watson]

I Meet Osip Brik   [Ron Silliman]

Identikit   [Jim Brodey]

In   [Aram Saroyan]

In the American Tree: Language, Realism, Poetry  [Editor]

An Incomplete Natural History  [Maggie O'Sullivan]

ING   [Clark Coolidge]

The Invention of Hunger  [Rae Armantrout]

January  [Paul Kahn]

Jimmy & Lucy's House of "K"  [Benjamin Friedlander and Andrew Schelling, Editors]

Joglars  [Clark Coolidge and Michael Palmer, Editors]

Joint Words  [Bruce Andrews and John M. Bennett]

Juxtapositions   [Russell Atkins]

L Magazine   [Curtis Faville, Editor]

Lami   [Alden Van Buskirk]

Language Sampler [Charles Bernstein, Editor]

L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E   [Bruce Andrews and Charles Bernstein, Editors]

LAPSTRAKE   [Ted Greenwald]

LEGEND   [Andrews, Charles Bernstein, Ray DiPalma, Steve McCaffery, and Ron Silliman]

LENS   [Frank Kuenstler]

Ligature   [Donato Mancini]

The Light American   [Diane Ward]

Linear C  [Jean Day]

Lines   [Aram Saroyan, Editor]

Local Colour  [Derek Beaulieu]

London   [Fiona Templeton]

Magritte Poems   [Hannah Weiner]

Magritte Series  [Kathleen Fraser]

The Maintains   [Clark Coolidge]

Makes Sense   [Ted Greenwald]

Maleficium   [Russell Atkins]

A Mask of Motion  [Lyn Hejinian]

Mass on cowback   [Wilfred Watson]

The Matrix / Poems: 1960-1970  [N. H. Pritchard]

Mau Mau American Cantos  [Tom Weatherly]

Melencolia   [Clark Coolidge]

Memorial Day meditation on two lines from Louis Zukofsky's "A"-22   [Robert Grenier]

Memory   [Bernadette Mayer]

Men In Aida   [David Melnick]

Men In Aida (Book II)   [David Melnick]

MIAM  [Tom Mandel, Editor]

The Millennium Project  [Bruce Andrews]

Minnesota   [Robert Grenier]

Mnemonotechnics  [Alan Davies]

Mob  [Abigail Child]

m o m e n t  [Stephen Ratcliffe]

[more birds]   [Robert Grenier]

A Motive for Mayhem  [Abigail Child]

Moving   [Bernadette Mayer]

MY MUMMY'S DEAD   [Aram Saroyan]

The Nail   [Russell Atkins]

Natural Facts   [Melanie Neilson]

A Natural History in 3 Incomplete Parts  [Maggie O'Sullivan]

Never without One   [Diane Ward]

Nijole's House   [Hannah Weiner]

No Sleep  [Barbara Baracks]

Novel  [Helmut Heißenbüttel (trans. Rosmarie Waldrop]

Oakland   [Robert Grenier]

Object   [Robert Fitterman and Kim Rosenfield, Editors]

Objects   [Russell Atkins]

Objects for Piano   [Russell Atkins]

Objects 2   [Russell Atkins]

Objects 2 (second printing)  [Russell Atkins]

Observatory Gardens  [Ray DiPalma]

The Occurrence of Tune  [Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee]

Ocker   [P. Inman]

OIYEAU   [John Marron]

On Duke Ellington's Birthday   [Diane Ward]

on the corner    to    off the corner   [Tina Darragh]

from Ondine   [Nella Holden]

The Ordinary   [David Brazil]

Organic Prosody   [Robert Grenier]

Our Insalvageable   [Thom Donovan]

The Ova Yogas   [David McFadden]

Parsing  [Charles Bernstein]

Pages   [Aram Saroyan]

Paper Air   [Gil Ott, Editor]

Pcoet   [David Melnick]

P-E-A-C-E  [David Bromige]

Percentage  [Carla Harryman]

Piece Logic   [Erica Hunt]

Plane Debris  [Stephen Rodefer]

Platin   [P. Inman]

A Podium Presentation   [Russell Atkins]

Poemas de un joven que no sabe inglés   [Joaquín Pasos]

Poetic Justice  [Charles Bernstein]

Phenomena   [Russell Atkins]

Plasma/Parallelles/"X"  [Barrett Watten]

Poetry   [Bernadette Mayer]

Polaroid   [Clark Coolidge]

Praxis  [Bruce Andrews]

Priest   [Andrew Rippeon]

Primer  [Bob Perelman]

Proof  [Larry Price]

Prop and Guide   [Melanie Neilson]

Property  [Carla Harryman]

Quartz Hearts   [Clark Coolidge]

Ready to Go  [Tom Mandel]

Realism: An Anthology of 'Language' Writing  [Ron Silliman, Editor]

Recipe  [John Woodall]

Redo  [Lyn Hejinian]

Remarks on Color / Sound  [Stephen Ratcliffe]

Research   [Clark Coolidge]

The Rest   [Aram Saroyan]

Riddle Road  [Kit Robinson]

RIOT  [Gwendolyn Brooks]

ROOF  [James Sherry, Editor]

Safety  [Stephen Rodefer]

San Francisco  [Andrei Codrescu and Aram Saroyan]

San Francisco Destroyed by Fire   [Ron Silliman]

Scatter Matrix  [Abigail Child]

Schematic Development of Tradition   [Helmut Heißenbüttel (trans. Rosmarie Waldrop]

Second April  [Bob Kaufman]

Sections from Defiled by Water  [Jeremy Lipp]

Senses of Responsibility  [Charles Bernstein]

Sentences   [Robert Grenier]

Sentences Toward Birds   [Robert Grenier]

7 Works  [Bob Perelman]

Shade  [Charles Bernstein]

Signal Flag Poems   [Hannah Weiner]

Sill  [David Lloyd]

Simone's Embassy  [Angela Genusa]

Sitting Up, Standing, Taking Steps  [Ron Silliman]

Sixteen   [Hannah Weiner]

Sixty Morning Walks  [Andy Fitch]

Sixty Morning Wlaks  [Andy Fitch]

Smile  [Ted Greenwald]

Smithsonian Depositions & Subject to a Film   [Clark Coolidge]

The So   [Clark Coolidge]

So Much Less You   [Geoff Young]

The Son Master  [Peter Seaton]

Sonneteers  [Sandra and Ben Doller]

sound of wave in channel  [Stephen Ratcliffe]

S ACE   P  [Amanda Hurtado]

Space   [Clark Coolidge]

SPOKE   [Hannah Weiner]

Spyrytual   [Russell Atkins]

Stanzas for an Evening Out  [Curtis Faville]

State Lounge  [Alan Bernheimer]

States of Emergency  [Maggie O'Sullivan]

Stations #5: A Symposium On Clark Coolidge   [Ron Silliman, Editor]

Steel Idea  [Steve Benson]

Step Work  [Lynne Dreyer]

STORY   [Bernadette Mayer]

Studying Hunger   [Bernadette Mayer]

Suite V   [Clark Coolidge]

Sun June 9   [Hannah Weiner]

Supernatural Overtones   [Ron Padgett and Clark Coolidge]

The Symphony  [Clark Coolidge]

The Syntactic Revolution   [Abraham Lincoln Gillespie / Richard Milazzo, Editor]

Systematically/"Systematically"  [Paul Forte]

Taropatch  [David Lloyd]

TEMBLOR: Contemporary Poets   [Leland Hickman, Editor]

The Telephone Book  [Ed Friedman]

Temporality  [Stephen Ratcliffe]

Theory of Emotion   [Diane Ward]

This [Index]   [Robert Grenier and Barrett Watten, Editors]

A Thought Is The Bride of What Thinking  [Lyn Hejinian]

TITLE  [Paul Forte]

Toward Eadward Forward   [Emily Abendroth]

Thumbprint  [Tom Weatherly]

To The Reader  [Bob Perelman]

Tonto Lavoris   [Clark Coolidge]

Toothpick, Lisbon, & the Orcas Islands  [Bruce Andrews, Editor]

Tottel's   [Ron Silliman, Editor]

2 By Atkins: The Abortionist and The Corpse   [Russell Atkins]

Traffic   [Kenneth Goldsmith]

Transpiration/Transpiring   [Robert Grenier]

Tribute to Nervous  [Kit Robinson]

Tripled Sixes   [Michael Anderson]

Tripwire   [Yedda Morrison and David Buuck, Editors]

Trop-I-Dom   [Diane Ward]

Tuumba   [Lyn Hejinian, Editor]

Un-assuming Personas  [Maggie O'Sullivan]

Uneven Development   [P. Inman]

Unofficial Word  [Maggie O'Sullivan]

[untitled ephemeron]   [Robert Grenier and Lyn Hejinian]

Vienna: A Correspondence  [Bob Perelman]

Vocalic Cottonwoods   [Robert Grenier]

Vowels  [Bruce Andrews]

Waver   [P. Inman]

The Western Borders   [Susan Howe]

What I Believe   [Robert Grenier]

Whichever   [Russell Atkins]

w i n d o w  [Stephen Ratcliffe]

Wittgenstein's Door  [Curtis Faville]

Words & Photographs   [Aram Saroyan]

Work and Play   [David Degener]

Writing Is an Aid to Memory   [Lyn Hejinian]

WRITTEN IN/ The Zero One   [Hannah Weiner]