Craig Douglas Dworkin

Scholarly Books:

Radium of the Word: A Poetics of Materiality [University of Chicago Press, 2020]

Dictionary Poetics: Toward a Radical Lexicography [Fordham, 2020]

No Medium [MIT, 2013]

Reading the Illegible [Northwestern UP, 2003]

Edited Collections:

Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing (with Kenneth Goldsmith) [Northwestern University Press, 2011]

The Sound of Poetry / The Poetry of Sound (with Marjorie Perloff) [University of Chicago Press, 2009]

The Consequence of Innovation: 21st-Century Poetics [Roof Books, 2008]

Language to Cover a Page: The Early Writings of Vito Acconci [MIT Press, 2006]

Architectures of Poetry (with María Eugenia Díaz Sánchez)  [Rodopi, 2004]

       Founding Senior Editor: Eclipse

       Curator:  The UbuWeb Anthology of Conceptual Writing

Poetry Books and Pamphlets:

The Pine-Woods Notebook [Kenning Editions, 2019]

Alkali [Counterpath Press, 2015]

An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Williamstown  (with Madeline Gilmore) [Publication Studio, 2015] 212kb

Remotes [Little Red Leaves, 2013]

       [order a hardcopy of Remotes here]

Chapter XXIV [Red Butte Press, 2013]

Motes  [Roof Books, 2011]

Emblem of My Work  [Laurence Sterne Trust, 2011]

The Perverse Library [Information As Material, 2010]

Parse [Atelos, 2008]

Maps [Editions Ubu, 2007]

Copys [No Press, 2011]

Strand  [Roof Books, 2005]

Smokes [Editions Ubu, 2004]

Dure  [Cuneiform Press, 2004]

Selected essays:

Poetry in the Age of Consumer-Generated Content  [Critical Inquiry 44 (Summer, 2018)] 200kb

The Fate of Echo  [Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing (Northwestern UP, 2011)] 212kb

The Stutter of Form  [The Sound of Poetry/ The Poetry of Sound (Chicago UP, 2009)] [please contact for information]

The Poetry of Sound  [PMLA 123: 3 (May, 2008)] 220kb

Hypermnesia  [American Poetry After 1975 (Duke UP, 2009)] 96kb

Seja Marginal  [Introduction to The Consequence of Innovation: 21st-Century Poetics (2008)] 168kb

Hard Core/ Soft Focus/ Middle Ground  [306090 10 (Winter, 2009)] 220kb

Accents Graves / Accents Gravés  [Verse 24: 1-3 (2007)] 176kb

The Imaginary Solution  [Contemporary Literature 48: 1 (Winter, 2007)] 124kb

Poetry Without Organs  [Complicities: British Poetry 1945-2007 (2007)] 339kb

Delay in Verse  [Introduction to Language to Cover a Page (2006)] 246kb

Cenography  [Introduction to Reading the Remove of Literature (2006)] 510kb

Grammar Degree Zero  [Introduction to Re-Writing Freud (2005)] 92kb

Zero Kerning  [Open Letter Twelfth Series, no. 7 (Fall 2005)] 124kb

Unheard Music  [from UbuWeb] 51kb

High Definition  [Xcp 15/16 "Keywords"] 40kb

Language Poetry [encyclopedia entry] 88kb

Textual Prostheses  [Comparative Literature 57: 1 (Winter, 2005)] 1.5MB

Stan Brakhage, Agrimoniac  [Stan Brakhage: Filmmaker, ed. David James (Temple UP, 2005)] 166kb

Against Metaphor (construye en lo ausente)  [Introduction to Architectures of Poetry (2004)] 100kb

Mycopedagogy  [College English 66: 6 (July, 2004)] 388kb

To Destroy Language  [Textual Practice 18: 2 (June, 2004)] 88kb

Gregg Biglieri, Nyctalope  [Poet's Sampler in The Boston Review 29: 3 (Summer, 2004)]

The Patmore Assumption  [roundtable response to Documents in Poetics 4 (Summer 2003/rev 2006)] 80kb

Parting With Description  [American Women Poets in the 21st Century (Wesleyan UP, 2002)] 5.1MB

Trotsky's Hammer  [American Letters & Commentary 14 "Beyond Extremis" (Fall 2002)] 74kb

Five Words in a Stein   [Xcp: Cross-Cultural Poetics 10 "Articulation" (Spring 2002)] 98kb

Fugitive Signs  [October 95 (Winter, 2001)] 2.6MB

The Restlessness of Language  [Poet's Retrospective in the St. Mark's Poetry Newsletter (February, 2000)] 92kb

'Seeing Words Machinewise': Technology and Visual Prosody  [Sagetrieb 18: 1 (Spring, 1999)] 1.2MB

Penelope Re-Working The Twill: Patchwork, Writing, and Lyn Hejinian's My Life  [Contemporary Literature 36: 1 (Spring, 1995)] 2.2MB

Rarities, ephemera, opusculae:

The Falls  [(2012)]

Haligraphy  [letterpress (2012)]

In the Dark Wood / Nella Selva Oscura  [letterpress (2012)]

Metonomatosis  [No Press (2011)]

Feldspar  [letterpress (2010)]

All Saints  [Vigilance Society, 2006]

Fact  [Chain 12: "Facts" (2005)] 54kb

from The Ossature of Memory  [Verse 20: 2-3 (Summer 2004)] 86kb

[untitled]  [Onsets (Willowdale: The Gig, 2004)] 30kb

Legion (II)  [UbuWeb: 2003-2006] 64kb

Taking "Taking Chances"   [link to description and sound file]

Ar  [Kiosk (Spring 2003)] 64kb

Index  [HousePress (2003)] 7MB

Cyril Method  [Boston Review 26: 3 (Summer, 2001)]

Fountain  [The Nassau Weekly (December, 2001)] 86kb

Concrete Poem  [Deluxe Rubber Chicken 5] 158kb

The Gender of the Archive  [Chain 6 (1999)] 46kb

Lautgedichte, for Tom Raworth  [UbuWeb 1998-]


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