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Beau-Cocoa   [Lloyd Addison, Editor]

Big Allis  [Jessica Grim and Melanie Neilson, Editors]

Big Sky Number Three (Clark Coolidge issue)  [Bill Berkson, Editor]

The Difficulties  [Tom Beckett, Editor]

The Dwelling Place: 9 Poets  [Ron Silliman, Editor]

Extensions   [Suzanne Zavrian and Joachim Neugroschel, Editors]

FRICTION (Number 7: Clark Coolidge issue)   [Randy Roark, Editor]

Hills   [Bob Perelman, Editor]

A Hundred Posters  [Alan Davies, Editor]

Jimmy & Lucy's House of "K"  [Benjamin Friedlander and Andrew Schelling, Editors]

Joglars  [Clark Coolidge and Michael Palmer, Editors]

L Magazine   [Curtis Faville, Editor]

Language Sampler [Charles Bernstein, Editor]

L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E   [Bruce Andrews and Charles Bernstein, Editors]

Lines   [Aram Saroyan, Editor]

MIAM   [Tom Mandel, Editor]

Object   [Robert Fitterman and Kim Rosenfield, Editors]

Paper Air   [Gil Ott, Editor]

Realism: An Anthology of 'Language' Writing  [Ron Silliman, Editor]

ROOF   [James Sherry, Editor]

Stations #5: A Symposium On Clark Coolidge   [Ron Silliman, Editor]

TEMBLOR: Contemporary Poets   [Leland Hickman, Editor]

This [Index]   [Robert Grenier and Barrett Watten, Editors]

Toothpick, Lisbon, & the Orcas Islands  [Bruce Andrews, Editor]

Tottel's   [Ron Silliman, Editor]

Tripwire   [Yedda Morrison and David Buuck, Editors]

Tuumba   [Lyn Hejinian, Editor]

Vigilance Society   [editor unknown]