Alloy, men!  Rot the 'I,' take Guy and Harry's hippo-core (-rust) tie.
You don't panic?  He idea'd Duke an 'aid-'em-us' hoop nose.
A low gay murmur is a cat tap.  Prayin' a hose sock 'll lay ya,
Timmy say 'Oh les' see de polyosophy' (new sin: a guy own).
Hey Daddy (yoik!) got tattoo, moan, a wrist tap.  high net taboo, lay
Pimps I ape: Pat, Ray.  A day a gam.  'M' known, you loan a nay, Ron.
Guy, I'm in phony sauce.  Epée apt ere went up, prose suit a
"Basket you lay on air.  It was up, pinny as a guy on
Eltonesque lease sea.  In Agamemnon, us Atreid Tao.
Panda mallet wreck you.  Sag, or you aim in us a pity low!
To wreck cycle, you carry, come, own, toss, a guy use.
Pawns you'd yen hung arcane 'Hello ye Pole' in your 'You agree on.'
Trojan new, Gary.  Tom fizzle, loom pee a dome at a countess.
Odd Hannah-type rosin tie a penny-amp singer a pawn toss.
Hey, Rae, lissome men ate Trojans.  Sea decade day a fey ape Thai."
    Hose fat, obeyed Aaron, Eros.  Ape ate on me.  Ton o' coos, eh?
Carpal limb most he can net was a pinny ass a guy own.
Be, dare.  Up Atreides Agamemnon a tone deck kick on in.
You don't think Lee see ape?  Hairy damn brush, you scag, hoot hoop nose!
Staid are you.  Perk up, holly snail.  Heigh-ho (whee! yea!), Oikos!
Nestor, Eton, Rama, Lee stagger on.  Tone tea, Agamemnon?
Too mean ace a menace, prose phony.  They ozone air us.
"You daze Atreus (whee! yea!).  Die prone Ossip (oh damn!), I, you.
Ooh crepe a nuke, he on you deign bully four-in-hand Ra.
Hole I tape, it a trap, a tyke I toss, a mammal lay.
Noon dame a tank, uni-soak Adíos.  Date toy, angle-lass Amy.
Hose you a new ten-eon mega-kid debt tie.  Yea deli I Rae.